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Conscious Evolution and Overpopulation

The Planes of Consciousness
Conscious Evolution
Why (An Abridged Overview)
The Unprecedented Consequences of Such a Transformation
Concluding Considerations


My Brothers and Sisters,

This post addresses a very sensitive and contentious topic, and can be expected to have the potential to trigger a fair amount of strong emotions.

’Tis alright.

’Tis OK.

it is understandable and can be expected.

But after any initial emotional upheavals have arisen and worked their way through your emotional body, I ask that you find a quiet space—a quiet time—where you can allow your emotions to rest, and give the following—through to the end—some calm, objective consideration.

What I am asking you to consider is simply a powerful opportunity for us to invoke, establish, and honor our innate powers—as a diverse, awakening Family—and thus to bring harmony and peace to a world in catharsis by allowing the full expression of our wisdom, will, and compassion to blossom. As often noted, it is our diversity that is our greatest strength.

(FYI, as you will see, there are several references to quotes and texts on other pages of this site. Links have been deliberately omitted to encourage reading through to the end before checking any such references. I have tried, yet again, to be as concise as possible, but, once again, there is much to cover!  :-)  )


While studying these subjects is important, scientists may never fully resolve an answer to the question of carrying capacity before the earth informs the human population what its carrying capacity is through less than polite means of communication. It is important, therefore, for policy makers and activists to continue to focus on activities that hold promise of finding solutions to population growth. . . . 

Whether we will ultimately succeed in stopping population growth in time to avoid a global environmental disaster remains to be seen. The more we can do now to quickly reduce fertility rates, the less likely it is we will experience a global catastrophe, or, at least, whatever crises we face may not be as severe.
—William N. Ryerson, Sixteen Myths About Population, Part 6

Although the above quote (thank you, Brother!) is quite astute and imperative—given our current circumstances—the question of the “carrying capacity” of the Earth is not the fundamental issue. The criteria that must eventually be carefully explored and contemplated—free from any philosophical or religious dogma—is: “Who are we, what are we, and why are we here, right now, on this magnificent, but little-understood orb?”

I ask you to consider that we are here for a very specific, sublime purpose—a purpose that must be investigated and contemplated on an individual basis, including the likelihood that we are not the final authority. This exquisite planet was not “given” to us, to function as some sort of material resource stockpile; we are here to do our sacred work (work that is predestined), in service to this planet and to All Life.

Thus the critical question is not, “What is the maximum number of people this planet can sustain?” but rather, “What quantity of our humanity—conscious, healthy, diverse, and vibrant—can be entrusted to ensure that all forms of life (including our own!) are nurtured, aided, and enriched to allow each the opportunity for full expression and gracious evolution in as vital and fulfilling a manner as possible?”

The issue becomes one of responsible balance and harmony, within a diverse but strictly limited, living biosphere. It is not about domineering control, rationalized by demonstrations of physical prowess and self-proclaimed precedence. The words, “and the meek shall inherit the Earth,” may not be referring to a weak and submissive People, but rather to a wise and humble People, in awe of Divine Will and Grace. (Please allow me to refer you to the Ken Blanchard quote on the “Why” page.)

We are here as stewards, as curators and caretakers, and must trust that the ever-present, active Creator of this glorious sanctuary has a clear intention as to how best to allow evolution to unfold for all Life.

To be able to consider, with some degree of appreciation, the matter of overpopulation on this planet at this time, it is essential to first understand the current state of our evolutionary progress, as investigating the distinct levels of consciousness—and subsequently, from moment to moment, being able to discern upon which of those distinct levels of consciousness we are functioning—will greatly assist us in this work. Thus please allow me to offer a very brief, but perhaps sufficient, delineation of the process of evolution for our very-young humanity—some hard-earned clues, for clues are all we are ever given (and deliberately so) . . . 

The Planes of Consciousness

There are three preliminary, equally valid degrees of consciousness that are currently accessible to our (very young!) humanity. These levels of consciousness have often been referred to as “planes,” as they are completely independent, yet consciously coordinated, distinct expressions of awareness, form, and function.

These initial three planes of consciousness are:
the Plane of the Physical (aka the Plane of Survival—the consciousness of the physical body itself and, for us at this time, the most evolved of the forms of consciousness),
the Plane of the Emotions (sometimes referred to as the Astral Plane, the plane upon which we are currently—and have long been—firmly “ensconced” [to be most polite!  ;-)  ]), and
the Plane of the Mind (the plane we are only now just beginning to approach, and which is unique in that it has two distinct “tiers” that are [as is often alluded to esoterically] separated by a “one-way bridge”).

Each plane is a distinct, independent level of consciousness and has its own unique “trap” (or to abuse a currently popular phrase, “Weapons of Mass Seduction”):
The trap on the Plane of the Physical is reproduction.
The trap on the Plane of the Emotions is comfort.
The trap on the Plane of the Mind is understanding.

These traps are entirely valid, equitable explorations, especially given whatever we may have been experiencing on the previous plane of evolution (e.g.: a bit of comfort is quite nice after the Plane of Survival!). They are referred to as “traps” because:
when evolution beckons—as it invariably always will—letting go of our long-sought, deeply appreciated, and now-familiar conditions is not always a welcome experience, and
there then comes a time when we recognize that the behavioral patterns and conditions of the past simply no longer placate our deep yearning for greater awareness and freedom, and become:
initially, restrictions (yet still loved and cherished!), and
eventually—should we ignore the gentle “nudges” we are increasingly given—life-threatening (as in the case of overpopulation).

A person will fluctuate—and initially for many lifetimes without any awareness of doing so—between these three planes, depending on their own point of evolution and the current circumstances of their life. Each of these levels of consciousness manifest for every human being as autonomous, overlapping, physical bodies—physical energy fields of distinct frequencies (i.e. “densities”) and strength. Our nascent humanity is simply still too young to be able to consciously discern these separate bodies beyond what we call “physical” (though such abilities are beginning to be explored by a small-but-increasing percentage of us).

We have been working our way through the Plane of the Emotions for so long, few people have any awareness that there are any other forms of consciousness. To compound this challenge, the resident consciousness on the Plane of the Emotions will cling to and defend its tenuous authority (given the grace of the physical body’s consciousness) through relentless rationalization: internal, often subtle, emotional manipulation with the intent of convincing all present that the individual is, in fact, thinking quite clearly—“Thank you very much!”—but is in actuality doing little more than defending their emotional reactions (fueled by their chosen beliefs).

Please allow me to offer two notable considerations due to current world conditions:

The Plane of the Physical and PTSD

Strong emotional reactions can also initially be triggered by powerful fight-or-flight responses from the physical body’s consciousness—on the Plane of the Physical—and are reactions common to those suffering from PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder—also explored elsewhere on this site). Hysterical, apoplectic rage is one such consequence.

Severe cases of PTSD can even have the ability to trigger a sudden, abrupt, and often completely irrational sense that the person is suddenly in a desperate, life-threatening situation. This reaction is due to deep, subliminal survival instincts within the physical body’s consciousness—now unchecked due to severe physical trauma—and can be triggered by even the most mundane of events, like dropping a pencil while performing needed repairs.

In such cases, the physical body’s consciousness has simply “had enough” and is vehemently demanding radically different, nurturing conditions, and doing so in the manner in which it naturally communicates: a physical reaction of extreme discomfort and sometimes even perspiring or trembling, responded to by the emotional body’s consciousness with grave anxiety and sometimes even terror. Thus the fight-or-flight reaction, often expressed as rage.

PTSD can only be healed, slowly, through relentless, deliberate, self-induced nurturing, and (as noted in the previous post below) unless healed, can be sustained from one lifetime to the next. Only when the physical body’s consciousness is able and willing to rest and heal for an extended period of time (usually measured in many years) will it finally begin to relax and recover. PTSD is a devastating debilitation.

These conditions are brief examples of how our various consciousnesses interact with us—and with each other—on their innate levels of expression. They do not always agree . . . 

 . . . the Spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.
—Immanuel, describing his physical body’s response of terror to his immanent torture and slow execution [blessings, dear Brother . . . ]

And a second, brief aside, if I may . . . 

Comfort and Truth

The plane whereon the Truth may be pursued is beyond these initial three, and has its own consequences:
Those who seek Truth choose to love and aid those who seek comfort.
Those who seek comfort often shun those who seek Truth, as they cherish their beliefs (which, again, fuel their emotions) above all else.
Those who seek Truth do not feel any need to be considered correct—the Truth is a purpose, not a comfort.
Those who seek comfort want to be able to relax and feel safe and secure.
Those who seek Truth will risk and, if necessary, relinquish everything they cherish—including their life—for a greater access to Truth.

History is rife with stories of people being shunned (or even killed) for devotedly offering information that their Brothers and Sisters were not yet emotionally prepared to consider. People currently working in alternate news media (especially on the Internet) are often being subjected to such ostracization.

Conscious Evolution

As a humanity evolves, initially individuals move onto the Plane of the Mind and slowly become self-conscious (or, perhaps more accurately, Self-conscious: conscious of and in budding communication with one’s own “Higher Self”—one’s “Expanded Awareness,” one’s Creator, one’s Soul). Then, after an unforeseen, critical mass is reached (the “hundredth-monkey syndrome”), the full multitude becomes self-conscious, both individually and as a single group Awareness. (Rumor has it that it is a moment not to be missed!)

When a human species itself becomes self-conscious, the People do not suddenly become “homogenized,” they actually grow and expand in their diversity—diversity being recognized as the means by which all participants can both learn and teach, and thus evolve together most exuberantly.

As previously noted, attempts at social homogenization (hysterical social judgements and regulations, instilled by those desperate for control) are always a demonstration of deep insecurity . . . and are currently, fanatically (and often quite violently) rampant on our Plane of the Emotions, as such control over us inexorably wanes.

It has taken a very long time (from a human, “3D” perspective) for us to move through the Plane of the Emotions, but we are now “teetering on the brink” of our humanity moving onto the Plane of the Mind, and then becoming self-conscious. Such a transformation is not a function of knowledge; it is a function of wisdom, which is a function of unconditional love. This is both a very bewildering and exciting time for us!

Simultaneously (“What a coincidence!”  ;-)  ), we are now facing evolutionary challenges that are impacting us to such a degree that we must consider that our past patterns of circumstance/emotional reaction/physical response may be inadequate for—if not imminently threatening to—our survival (as wisely assessed by Albert Einstein in his well-known quote on the “Why” page). Evolution proceeds at its own pace . . . whether we want it to or not.

A human species becomes conscious on the Plane of the Mind just as individuals often do: an unprecedented experience transpires that is so startling that it becomes impossible to “put the genie back in the bottle.” It is then the deliberate choice and subsequent actions by the People—as one, unified group—that move them onto the “Ladder of Evolution” for the first time, and was a primary focus of the teachings of Immanuel of Nazareth (aka Jesus or “the Teacher of All Teachers”).

As often noted, this jewel of a planet is our “schoolroom”:
we have limited control over what we experience in our lives (our “homework assignments”);
we can only have full control over how we choose to respond to those experiences; and
our responses to those challenges (and, in particular, how we respond to each other) are what determine the fine-tuning of our personal trajectories—the subsequent “classes”—for our current and pending lives. (I refer you to the Zonker Harris quote on the “Why” page.  ;-)  )

Thus, how we choose (consciously or unconsciously) to respond to and learn from our experiences and interactions in any given lifetime, determines the conditions within which we then gain yet further opportunities to evolve (to wit, the Chinese proverb on the “Why” page). This is why I relentlessly admonish us to do our homework! (as described, again, on the “Why” page).


Overpopulation can only be reconciled through an educated, honored, and empowered global awareness, and we have—in so few years!—reached such a moment of cathartic opportunity.

Please allow me to begin the discourse on overpopulation with a metaphor . . . 

The “Redline”

When developing an internal combustion engine, the manufacturer will establish a “redline”: the number of revolutions-per-minute (RPMs), beyond which the engine can be expected to fail—often in a very destructive manner. Running the engine beyond the redline is certainly exciting and can generate a sense of exhilaration, but doing so is ill-advised. It is also unwise to run the engine at or even near its redline for extended periods of time, as the life of the engine may be significantly compromised.

I submit that the “redline” for our humanity on this planet at this time is one billion people; it is the quantity of people that we surpassed barely two hundred years ago—a very brief moment in time. Thus to finally establish and sustain a healthy, diverse humanity—in harmony with, and as sacred stewards of, all the myriad forms of equally valuable life on this planet—we must accept our responsibilities and stabilize our population at under one billion people (accepting that some degree of fluctuation is inevitable and allowable).

In addressing the acute issue of what is rapidly becoming a magnitude of overpopulation, we must accept that any population moderation must only be considered with utmost respect, care, and unconditional love for all of our Brothers and Sisters. Murdering—or in any way even impairing or neglecting!—anyone, for any reason, is in direct violation of the purpose of our creation. As I have noted in the past, this is group work, my Brothers and Sisters: none may be left behind.

How then can we lovingly, graciously, and as rapidly as possible mitigate our numbers? (The urgent necessity for which is now clearly visible worldwide and we are, as yet, only beginning to recognize and honestly report the severity of the conditions.) The only viable resolution (for the foreseeable future) over which we can have any control, is to stop any and all human reproduction for the next few decades until we number less than one billion people. There is no other viable alternative.

Here’s Why (An Abridged Overview)

We cannot impose a gradual reduction in the birth rate as it would never be adhered to, nor could it be enforced. The valiant attempt by the Chinese government to institute a one-child-per-family policy has been a failure. You cannot legislate wisdom. Were it even possible, it would still be “too little, too late.”

Holding some kind of lottery which would allow only the few lottery winners to have a child would be imprudent. To offer just two considerations:
What would the life of a child born under such circumstances be like, with few (if any) friends and schoolmates with and from whom to learn and grow?
How would other members of the community feel, not being the “lucky one”?

It is well-known that different regions have significantly different fertility rates. However, allowing some communities to have children, and denying children to others, would be [to quote a dear friend and mentor—thank you, J.!] “the first ingredient in the recipe for disaster.” I trust I need not elaborate!

(The issue of divergent fertility rates must be addressed. However, only after we
establish, implement, and sustain a “global reproductive respite”; and subsequently
allow the impacts of such powerful changes to transform and then slowly stabilize our humanity;
can we respectfully address the most appropriate manner in which to deal with any remaining imbalance of population distribution and fertility rates.)

We must do all that we can to maximize our health and diversity, while honoring and upholding our responsibilities as stewards of this beautiful—diverse!—planet Earth.

Here’s How

Only our Sisters bring forth human life into this world, thus the responsibility for pausing our relentless cycles of reproduction must be entrusted to our Sisters. Only they can make this decision and it must be done as a group—a single, planet-wide group—inclusive of every woman. Our Sisters must be acknowledged, respected, and honored for their authority in this matter. There is no other viable alternative.

Our beloved Sisters have long been known for (and well aware of!) their ability to maintain reliable communication and reach consensus with each other—it is a formidable gift! As one example: many Native American councils in North America (particularly prior to the continent being overrun, as previously addressed) were wise demonstrations of this awareness and its positive, proactive implementation.

If we set a minimum global reproductive respite of even thirty years (or until we number less that one billion people), there will still be women in every demographic area able to give birth and thus sustain their community. Remember: maintaining as much diversity as possible is most important.

Throughout this extraordinary endeavor, our Sisters emphatically deserve (and will appreciate!) our full, unconditional support, love, and devotion. (Frequent, nurturing foot rubs are adamantly advised as well.  ;-)  )

Birth Control and Abortion

The issues of birth control and abortion are two of the most divisive of our species at this time, thus they are also prominent targets for emotional manipulation by those attempting to inflict control over others. These two issues, however, have two definitive qualifications:
No one, regardless of any judgements or rationalizations, is entitled to tell any other human being what they may or may not do with their own body. Only a woman has the ability to bring human life into this world and in doing so thereby accepts the subsequent responsibility to care for any children born. With responsibility comes authority, therefore only she has the right to decide whether giving birth is in the best interest of all involved—regardless of any religious or political hysteria or selfishness. A woman’s divine sovereignty over her body is not negotiable.
The Life that informs any particular physical body exists long before that body is conceived; said Life controls if and when it enters any particular body, and will exist long after any such body is released. Everyone on this planet (including those “waiting in the wings”) has lived many, many lifetimes and will continue to do so for some time still.
Therefore, imposing any authoritative edicts upon the creation of Life (about which we know so very little), has never been, and will never be, constructive or successful. Try as many governments or religions might, we cannot legislate moral judgement. We cannot rationalize ethics. We cannot impose wisdom. It has never worked in the past; it is not working now.

If, due to instability or for purely selfish reasons, a woman attempts to bring life into the world after our Sisters have agreed upon such a reproductive respite, it is up to our Sisters to decide how best to respond regarding the welfare of our species.

Do understand that implementing and sustaining such a transformative protocol of self-determination will have vast consequences, and it will take time for those consequences to be recognized and carefully interpreted. Calm communication, coordination, patience, and compassion will be imperative . . . especially patience . . . 

The Unprecedented Consequences of Such a Transformation

Such an enterprise would ally our Sisters and finally give them equal authority in a domain for which they are the rightful heirs: the Plane of the Physical is the Domain of the Feminine. They must be acknowledged and accepted as equal partners in decisions made here on “Schoolhouse Earth,” and recognized and honored for their ability to inspire healthy, sustainable living conditions. Such an endeavor would also free them to explore more fully this bountiful planet and expand even further their ability to provide nurturing care and comfort for all forms of life.

We would be taking a brief “hiatus” and “resetting the clock.” It would be a much-needed relief from relentless cycles of reproduction—an understandable priority on the Plane of Survival, but one which we have now so severely abused. Such a respite would allow us some “breathing room” (quite literally as well as figuratively) to plan and prepare for healthy, stable, self-sufficient, technologically advanced as well as spiritually advanced, holistic Life—such as we have never before attained.

And finally, to be most clear (and to add a bit of levity to such a turbulent topic):
You can practice all you want!
[ . . . If memory serves me, it’s a rather joyful, magical way to pass the time . . .  ;-)  ]

I must emphatically insist, however, that you:
be open, honest, and faithful to your Loved One;
not perpetrate or perpetuate any “compromising predicaments” (including infections); and
lovingly and meticulously ensure that she does not get pregnant until the reproductive respite is resolved.

Such a potent eruption of evolutionary progress would also, finally, allow our Brothers to begin to explore their birthright as well—the Domain of the Masculine—a plane long, and so often, deliberately denied to so many of us (often by inflicting PTSD, and as noted in previous posts).

Freeing our Brothers for such a powerfully liberating exploration of realms long whispered would yield rewards that have long been alluded to—and rarely but timely demonstrated—throughout our little-known history. It would be a very positive empowerment for our Brothers, and (as I have often noted) long overdue and richly deserved!

Concluding Considerations

A caterpillar spins a cocoon, and after a period of gestation, emerges as a butterfly. How much longer are we willing to postpone our brief “cocoon”?

I understand that this proposition may be startling to many of us. The transition period may well seem awkward and unfamiliar, but it need not be painful. It will certainly be an emotional roller-coaster ride for most if not all of us and it would be wise to expect that such forceful changes will often trigger waves of exhilaration . . . followed the next day by hours of deep despair. These emotional swings are natural and are simply the emotional body seeking balance during times of such powerful expansion. Did you not experience awkward moments as a young child when your physical body was rapidly growing?

As another dear friend and mentor once advised [thank you, E.!], “Anxiety and excitement are the exact same energy, viewed from opposite vantage points.” Such a burst of Self-aware evolution would “bring to light”—to be healed and released—thousands of thousands of years of entrenched (and often quite unconscious) beliefs and behavior patterns. But it would also be very liberating emotionally to watch such transformative energies slowly well up and begin healing such ancient traumas—bringing long-overdue, positive changes to our world that we cannot as yet fully imagine.

Allow me to ask you this: Do you regret learning how to ride a bicycle? Did not the learning process have some errant spills and scrapes? Was it not still worth the effort? Were you not elated with your new-found mobility and freedom?

We can do this, my Brothers and Sisters.

We can do this and it would initiate an awe-inspiring exploration of our true power, precipitating one of the most exhilarating moments in our long evolution. All that is required is calm, clear determination, communication, patience, and compassion. If you are willing to believe that you are capable of honoring such an agreement, will you then offer your Brothers and Sisters the honor of according them such faith as well? What greater validation can we offer or receive than to trust and be trusted?

Treat a man as he is and he will remain as he is. Treat a man as he can and should be and he will become as he can and should be.
—Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Yes, there will be “naughty boys” (and yes, some “naughty girls”) who will see such an affirmation of self-empowerment as a direct threat to their oppressive authority and act accordingly; addressing such challenges in a holistic manner is a primary purpose of this site. But imagine the impact on the many oppressive governments of this world with their relentless lying, stealing, and killing, their attempts to “divide and conquer.” How could their endless cycles of wars—emotional and physical, logistical and financial—continue to be inflicted upon such a determined, powerfully awakening populace? How could parasitic, conscienceless corporations and institutions continue to dictate the laws and conditions of our societies?

A child doesn’t get to choose when they go through puberty; it is a biological transition that they experience regardless of their intentions. Can we accept that as a species we are now at a non-negotiable point of awakening and embrace both the responsibilities and, consequently, the barely-dreamed-of bounties? Are we ready to take this “greatest stride of soul folk ever took”? (Please see the closing quote on the “When” page.)

I ask you;

I implore you:

Dear Sisters:
Do you have the discipline, the determination, the emotional strength to accept this mantle? Do you have the necessary faith in yourself and your Sisters? Only you, as a group, can make this decision; only you, as individuals, have the right to decide what you may do with your own body—regardless of the emotional and physical torment and trauma inflicted upon you (and our children) by people desperate to control you.

Dear Brothers:
Can you find within yourself enough true strength—enough humble humility—to acknowledge, respect, and honor the right of our Sisters to make this decision for the benefit of all life on this planet? Will you accept this noble challenge and devote your great, innate, inner strength to the inner work necessary to claim your irrevocable birthright: the power of manifestation, latent on the Plane of the Mind—so little understood, so rarely demonstrated, and yet so powerful and so richly rewarded? Are you willing to walk away from your weapons so that you may reach for your Divinity? You have waited, suffered, and longed for such freedom for so long—for countless eons . . . 

(Please see the Jalal ad-Din Rumi quote in the previous post below.)

Do we have the devotion and love for our children’s, children’s, children to commit to this global transformation? For even if one would then not have children in this lifetime, we can be sure that the countless, inevitable, subsequent lifetimes will provide endless opportunities still. Imagine drawing upon such new-found wisdom, strength, and devotion—on a planet of peace and plenty—when that moment unfolds, as it surely will . . . 

We can do this.

The sole deciding factor becomes then, my Brothers and Sisters, simply: your individual beliefs. Only you—individual by individual—can choose to assist or resist this species-wide awakening.

I address the crucial issue of our belief systems in many posts. To offer but a few brief encouragements, please allow me to refer you to the opening quote on the “Wonder” page, the two-part “A May-Day Offering (belated)” further down, and the page’s closing quote.

We are here to serve Life, not just as caretakers, as curators, as stewards, but also as ambassadors—as the Living Bridge between the non-physical (to us) Planes of Greater Awareness and the physical Planes of Lesser Awareness. This is why we are here and the rewards for such loving service are an immeasurable bounty of beauty and abundance.

Let us not be so careless in our judgements of the rocks, the plants, and the animals. Would you neglect a field of flowers that will blossom later in the season, only because one flower is just now bursting forth?

We are all evolving, every physical form, as well as the endless forms beyond our limited perceptions. Let us honor equally all of Creation—All That Is. To be empowered to accept the gifts of our evolution, we must also accept the responsibilities. Only through careful, deliberate, loving action—physical, transformative action—can our world unfold in radiant splendor, in front of our awe-filled eyes.

Ultimately, the issue is not one of population stabilization; it is about deliberately, actively liberating our entire Family in one glorious moment:
The Ignition of the Flame of Divine Love in the Heart of an Awakening Humanity.

Blessings to us all—each and every one.

People are often unreasonable, illogical, and self-centered.
     Forgive them anyway.
If you are kind, People may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives.
     Be kind anyway.
If you are successful, you win some false friends and some true enemies.
     Succeed anyway.
If you are honest and frank, people may cheat you.
     Be honest and frank anyway.
What you spend years building, someone could destroy overnight.
     Build anyway.
If you find serenity and happiness, others may be jealous.
     Be happy anyway.
The good you do today, people will often forget tomorrow.
     Do good anyway.
Give the world the best you have, and it may not be enough.
     Give the world the best you’ve got anyway.
You see . . . in the final analysis, it is between you and God.
     It has never been between you and others anyway.
—Mother Teresa

Psychopathy, Divinity, and “Positive Disintegration”

Psychopathy Described
Two Introductory, Clinical Perspectives on Psychopathy
Five Brief Elaborations on the Condition of Psychopathy and the Psychopath’s “Achilles’ Heel”
Psychopathy, Causes and Conditions
Impacts on Society
Emotional Manipulation
Ideological Corruption
Perpetual Conflicts
Evolution of Consciousness and “Positive Disintegration”
Healing Humanity
Understand the Sequence of “Political Ponerology”
Sustain Your Mind
Begin to Understand Unconditional Love
Disarming Our Psychopaths
Closing Thoughts
Appendix: Four Steps for Graciously Subsuming a Psychopath
Books and Papers
Web Pages

Every man is a divinity in disguise, a god playing the fool.
—Ralph Waldo Emerson


My Brothers and Sisters,

It is time to address not only the parasitic effects of psychopathy upon our world (as many are now beginning to do), but also the manner in which we can break free from these ceaseless cycles of struggle, growth, freedom, complacency, corruption, and self-destruction. This is a pattern that our species has endured for thousands of years. Only with calm, deliberate communication and corresponding action can we first recognize, then overcome, and finally conclude this needless suffering.

To do this work, we need to have a coherent, ubiquitous understanding of psychopathy, introduced to children in their teenage years; a clearly established, scientific process for discerning, analyzing, and addressing such pathologies; and a vigilant social structure that deliberately and graciously precludes such individuals from any form of power or control over others. As one example: all officers and members of the three branches of the federal government would be required to submit to a psychological evaluation, including, but not limited to, Robert D. Hare’s Psychopathy Checklist-Revised (PCL-R) prior to holding office.

Only then can we resume our inevitable evolution as one healthy family and make possible stable, harmonious living conditions and sustainable growth, enabling us to finally achieve our long-sought birthright, “Peace on Earth.”

If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.
—Mother Teresa

To be blunt, folks, we need to know just what—locally and globally—it is, in fact, we are dealing with; the true nature of psychopathy is one that is often quite difficult, and sometimes quite painful, to reconcile. Only with clear, conscious awareness can we discover that the task ahead of us can actually be easier than we fear, and in doing so accept that the violent suppression of others—regardless of their words or actions—is often the demonstration of psychopathy and never the solution to it. The words, “and the truth shall set you free,” have never been more compelling. The books and links referenced below are essential in this regard.

People and values mature in action.
—Andrzej Łobaczewski, “Political Ponerology: A Science on the Nature of Evil Adjusted for Political Purposes” (Second Edition)

I will be as concise as I can, but there is is much to delineate, so let us “dive in” . . . 

Psychopathy Described

Most succinctly, the word, “psychopathy,” is a medical designation for a clinically ascertained condition, often indicated by someone demonstrating no conscience, no concern for others. Estimates of the percentage of psychopaths on our planet range from one to six percent or more.

It is very difficult for most people to comprehend the mindset of a psychopath—psychopaths are just not “wired” like the rest of us and they soon discover a way to “short-circuit” a society’s “hardwiring” and thus cause the “system to collapse,” all for their own personal gain. When you meet a psychopath [as I suspect I have at various times, including also being deeply in love with one, for several reasons], they will say and do things that they believe will mask their condition, but to someone with any sense of empathic conscience, their behavior is “just not quite right”—they appear as a caricature of a human being and their words and actions can often be quite baffling . . . and quite hurtful.

There is a burgeoning amount of scientific information regarding psychopathy—the medical, clinical terminology has been so (deliberately?) misrepresented that it is almost no longer usable and alternate, obfuscatory terms and diagnostic classifications have been developed. There is ongoing debate about the intent and scientific accuracy of the many relative terms and diagnostic classifications, but there is little debate about the destructive impact psychopaths can have upon a society. A psychopath craves power over others and can (as we grow in awareness) be seen as a common thread in the destruction of societies throughout our history . . . and as we are experiencing, yet again.

Two Introductory, Clinical Perspectives on Psychopathy

Psychopathy, as originally conceived by Cleckley (1941), is not limited to engagement in illegal activities, but rather encompasses such personality characteristics as manipulativeness, insincerity, egocentricity, and lack of guilt—characteristics clearly present in criminals but also in spouses, parents, bosses, attorneys, politicians, and CEOs, to name but a few (Bursten, 1973; Stewart, 1991). . . . 

As such, psychopathy may be characterized in circumplex terms as involving a tendency towards both dominance and coldness. Wiggins (1995), in summarizing numerous previous findings with respect to the BC octant, indicates that such individuals are prone to anger and irritation and are willing to exploit others. They are arrogant, manipulative, cynical, exhibitionistic, sensation-seeking, Machiavellian, vindictive, and out for their own gain. With respect to their patterns of social exchange (Foa & Foa, 1974), they attribute love and status to themselves, seeing themselves as highly worthy and important, but prescribe neither love nor status to others, seeing them as unworthy and insignificant. This characterization is clearly consistent with the essence of psychopathy as commonly described.
—Randall T. Salekin, Krista K. Trobst, and Maria Krioukova, “Construct Validity of Psychopathy in a Community Sample: a Nomological Net Approach,” Journal of Personality Disorders, 15(5), 425-441, 2001

All researchers into psychopathy underline three qualities primarily with regard to this most typical variety: The absence of a sense of guilt for antisocial actions, the inability to love truly, and the tendency to be garrulous in a way which easily deviates from reality. . . . 

Our first contact with the psychopath is characterized by a talkative stream which flows with ease and avoids truly important matters with equal ease if they are uncomfortable for the speaker. His train of thought also avoids those matters of human feelings and values whose representation is absent in the psychopathic world view unless, of course, he is being deliberately deceptive, in which case he will use many “feeling” words which careful scrutiny will reveal that he does not understand those words the same way normal people do.
—Andrzej Łobaczewski (ibid.)

A principal challenge regarding psychopathy is that although great efforts are being made by highly qualified individuals (see “Sources” below), the analysis and assessment of psychopathy is still a young science, and one that has been (sometimes brutally) suppressed for decades. To better comprehend the nature of psychopathy, further objective, clinical research is essential—moral judgements are incapable of understanding psychopathy or how to wisely address such a condition. As Łobaczewski repeatedly cites with great concern:

Ignoti nulla curatio morbi. (Do not attempt to cure what you do not understand.)
—Andrzej Łobaczewski (ibid.)

Five Brief Elaborations on the Condition of Psychopathy and the Psychopath’s “Achilles’ Heel”

1. Upon casual interaction, a psychopath can be very charismatic: charming, eloquent, and often considered attractive by many. Unrecognized however—given such “glamours”—is the fact that they lack any form of conscience or “external, egoic reference point.” This is also why psychopaths often seem so confident; they have no such capacity for self-reflection. They perceive compassion and nurturing as signs of weakness, and social ideologies are simply objects to be manipulated and plundered.
2. A psychopath has no concern for others and subsequently has little, if any, memory of prior interactions, unless specifically for personal gain. They have no concern for their own past words and actions; people and the past are meaningless to a psychopath, even after only a brief moment. They always assume that they will prevail, regardless of the extent to which they have repeatedly been caught lying, stealing, killing, etc.
3. Psychopaths are highly skilled at emotional manipulation, as they have studied—since a very early age, initially as a defense mechanism—the manner in which to imitate, and then manipulate, the emotions of others. They tell lies with no regard or regret; passing a lie detector test or lying in a courtroom is effortless. When asserting their power in private interactions, however, they will often methodically inflict what comes across as violent, emotional tyranny. This is when the facade is dropped, the “mask” is removed, and the “predator within” is revealed.
4. They have the innate ability to recognize other psychopaths, and thus as necessary, will enlist, promote, and work with them to sustain and expand their control over those who are unaware of their activities and intentions. This is how psychopaths methodically infiltrate and overthrow companies, unions, religions, governments, et al. In severe cases (i.e., “essential psychopaths”), they are drawn to the very highest levels of power and will hoard and plunder and as much power and assets—and anything else—as they are able to “procure.”
It is not power that corrupts, it is that corrupt individuals seek power.
—Laura Knight-Jadczyk, Signs of the Times Interview with Silvia Cattori
5. Yet finally and most significantly, psychopaths contain a deeply suppressed insecurity due to their awareness, at an early age, of not being “whole” like empathic, caring people. Thus at times, in one manner or another, the ever-cumulating stress of their fear of exposure—of being “outed” and their survival placed at risk—can cause them to “lose control” and reveal their psychopathy to those able to recognize it. This can also offer some insight as to why they are so good at innately recognizing other psychopaths: they need the camaraderie and support.

This stress can often result in the demonstration of serious addictive tendencies, due also to their having no concern regarding any ethical values—these are true “party animals”! [Please excuse a moment of levity; “party parasites” would be more accurate.]

This is the “hole in their soul” (actually, their personality)—their “Achilles’ Heel”—that they relentlessly try to fill with material possessions and the feeling of being superior to others. This need to be “whole”—even though they scorn compassionate and ethical behavior—is the “dangling carrot” that they can never reach, thus they never stop accumulating possessions and being relentlessly assertive (to themselves as well as to others).

They had a choice at an early age to either concede their disability or to believe that they were better than everyone else. It is a very difficult and painful decision for a young child to make and egoic survival took precedence; it is their own personal version of Jean-Paul Sartre’s “No Exit” (“Hell is other people”). Our awareness of this is one way compassion on our part becomes possible.

Psychopathy, Causes and Conditions

Psychopathy is considered by some to be a neurobiological brain disorder—either inherited or as the result of brain trauma at an early age—and as such can be detected with brain scans.

Some consider psychopathy to be an observable, qualifiable, socially deviant behavior disorder. Psychiatric tests have been developed to ascertain the degree of the condition, should it be present.

Psychopathy can also, however, be the result of pain so great that the individual cannot heal the pain and will thus suppress the resulting thoughts and emotions as a survival mechanism. Even a strong personality can eventually become “crippled” or weakened by excessive pain and fear, and if in their lifetime they cannot integrate their pain in a wholesome, healing, healthy way, the resulting weakness allows the condition of psychopathy to become “seeded.”

After too many such lifetimes (unhealed emotional pain is sustained from lifetime to lifetime), the condition becomes “calcified” and can eventually result in the Soul losing its “grip” on (or connection to) its physical manifestation, the “personality.” If the “break” is not ultimately healed, the personality can become a “reject” that is “recycled.”

This is also how young children can be (and have been) tortured into psychopathy; unmitigated terror and physical pain eventually create a split personality and the emotional body becomes forcibly “disconnected.”

The “growth spurt” that we, as a species, are currently going through, is a cause of great pain for many and must be consciously, carefully, and lovingly addressed. When great changes are experienced, regardless of the eventual positive results (see “Positive Disintegration” below), the terror due to the shattering of our deeply cherished beliefs is inevitable and is often expressed as uncontrollable, violent rage—the “fight-or-flight” syndrome—and can leave people vulnerable to developing some degree of psychopathy.

[The] psychopath is the new man being produced by the evolutionary pressures of modern life.
—Alan Harrington (unsourced)

Impacts on Society

The Greeks have long had multiple words for the varying experiences of love. A distinction can be made between “love” (a deep, powerful appreciation) and “in love with” (a passionate, intense, intimate love). Someone “in love with” a psychopath will see (and feel) both the psychopath’s insecurity and the psychopath’s carefully crafted pretenses of pain. The unwitting victim will instinctively, compassionately, and devotedly offer comfort and consolation to the psychopath . . . and will be used, plundered, and then discarded after the psychopath has taken all that they can get from them. Their behavior makes no sense; it just hurts, and often for a long time.

Because they are masters at deceiving us (“By way of deception thou shalt wage war”) such that we remain unaware of their perspective on the world, psychopaths are highly skilled at infiltrating all facets of society. As I have previously alluded to on the “Why” page, psychopaths make no distinction between governments and religions . . . or gender preferences, hair styles, etc.; they see all social structures and ideologies (as addressed below) as merely forms to be used to manipulate others for their own benefit. By emotional manipulation they infiltrate and corrupt ideologies, plundering and devastating societies.

Emotional Manipulation

 . . . the first criterion of ponerology: the atrophy of natural critical faculties with respect to pathological individuals.
—Andrzej Łobaczewski (ibid.)

Psychopaths lie so voraciously and so relentlessly that they destroy our ability to think clearly: the truth is so completely discounted (and often hysterically, aka “reverse blocking”) that we have no foundation of logic on which to anchor our thoughts. We become lost in a consciously and deliberately induced emotional quagmire of hysteria and the truth is then sacrificed in acts of panicked, and ultimately self-destructive, desperation.

The stress and subsequent reactions, judgements, and rationalizations that psychopaths deliberately and relentlessly induce in a vulnerable society through ideological corruption and perpetual conflicts (see below) are instinctual emotional reflexes that become contagious due to deep, ancient, cellular patterns to which we automatically revert when threatened, and the television as a trigger mechanism, causing us lose the ability to think clearly (if at all), is an ideal weapon—the events of 2001.9.11 are a (painfully blatant) case in point.

This emotional reflex is innate in our young species—just as in a young child, who, when suddenly and severely traumatized, curls up into a fetal position and sucks their thumb in a dark corner. It is an act of self-preservation, but it does nothing to mitigate the injury or avoid its recurrence. Łobaczewski addresses this repeatedly, and for very necessary reasons.

A society’s complacency, deliberately induced hysteria, and misguided trust are the life-blood of psychopathic tyranny—they are the foundation of emotional manipulation. Because psychopaths have no conscience, they themselves cannot be emotionally manipulated, but they can easily see this vulnerability in emotionally healthy people and thus utilize, and rely upon, emotional manipulation to a powerful degree.

Ideological Corruption

Tsze-lû said, “The ruler of Wei has been waiting for you, in order with you to administer the government. What will you consider the first thing to be done?”

The Master replied, “What is necessary is to rectify names.”

“So! indeed!” said Tsze-lû. “You are wide of the mark! Why must there be such rectification?”

The Master said, “How uncultivated you are, Yû! A superior man, in regard to what he does not know, shows a cautious reserve.

“If names be not correct, language is not in accordance with the truth of things. If language be not in accordance with the truth of things, affairs cannot be carried on to success.

“When affairs cannot be carried on to success, proprieties and music will not flourish. When proprieties and music do not flourish, punishments will not be properly awarded. When punishments are not properly awarded, the people do not know how to move hand or foot.

“Therefore a superior man considers it necessary that the names he uses may be spoken appropriately, and also that what he speaks may be carried out appropriately. What the superior man requires is just that in his words there may be nothing incorrect.”
—Confucius (Analects XIII, Chapter 3)

A society’s beliefs are formulated and aligned through social interactions. Moral judgements are established and an ideology then becomes possible—born from a belief, fueled and rationalized by emotions, and condensed into a simplified doctrine—a “30-second sound bite” of an ideal.

The original premise of an ideology is often quite valid: “All men are created equal.” But a society’s (often traumatic) evolution—and ultimately the species’—eventually results in a wiser and more universal understanding of that ideology: “All men are created equal in value.” And then: “All men are created equal in value, regardless of their words or actions.” [We may not be quite there yet.   ;-)   ]

On a functional, personal level within a healthy society, there is little difference—relative to the health of the society—between various moral and/or political ideologies; coterminous ideologies allow a society to explore a wide range of evolutionary growth choices and each contains distinct, valuable social guidance, as well as vulnerabilities (due to their inherent oversimplification).

Please allow me to be most clear: spirited ideological discourse is essential for healthy evolution. As an example: innovation and caution (or perhaps progress and conservation) are a healthy dichotomy. But when one group of people takes covert control of seemingly disparate ideologies, any fervent discord is just a pretentious exhibition of the “good cop/bad cop” game of psychopathic emotional manipulation—a condition we are now in the full expression thereof.

Psychopaths don’t believe in anything—except themselves—so they easily and innately recognize the gullibility of a society to any “ideology-du-jour.” Psychopaths only become interested when a group of people creates a sufficiently powerful ideology worthy of overthrowing for the purpose of societal control . . . and whatever they can plunder, while they’re there.

With an innate understanding of emotional manipulation and the requisite charisma, psychopaths know how to enflame an ideology within a crowd; get the organization, union, political party, et al. behind them; corrupt the ideology from within; and then perform whatever acts of (usually criminal) deception they choose—actions that are initially subtly counter to, and eventually in direct conflict with, the loudly proclaimed (and histrionically reinforced) ideology—knowing that we will blindly cling to the proclaimed ideology, which has now become a brutally enforced dogma.

Ideologies, founded upon emotion-fueled beliefs and judgements, are the ideal venue for emotional manipulation by psychopaths; such manipulation is one of the most intrinsic, fundamental components of their nature, honed and polished from their earliest years. To break free from such hypnotic conditioning requires much conscious, deliberate, objective effort. Clear, critical clarification of the moral and/or political values present in an ideology compromises such manipulation and is essential for its survival.

Perpetual Conflicts

Wars, “false-flag” acts of terrorism, financial upheavals, public health “emergencies,” etc., are also means by which psychopaths manipulate and destabilize a society (and, if possible, a world) that they are inherently incapable of functionally managing, due to their neurobiological and/or behavioral disorder(s). An endless stream of sudden and seemingly unrelated conflicts perpetuate emotional histrionics and keep a society from steady, rational analysis.

Military forces are aggressively manipulated by psychopaths in control of a country to ensure that strong, healthy young males (and, to an increasing degree, females) are:
relentlessly conditioned to remain in an easily manipulated, emotionally unstable and adolescent, “fight or flight” state (this is also a primary cause of intra-corps and domestic acts of violence by soldiers, including sexual assaults, thus aiding in the destabilization of the country; it can also result in parents being shamed for nurturing young children);
sent off to languish, be crippled, or die in distant lands, as a means of keeping them away from their country so that it can be overthrown from within, without them there to defend it; and
denied the stable growth and harmonious living conditions necessary to develop calm, clear reason and ultimately, the wisdom that would enable them to remove the psychopaths from power and thus further societal, and global, evolution.

Deliberate, methodical acts of emotional manipulation, ideological corruption, and perpetual conflict require that psychopaths wage relentless, hysterical invalidation of any and all perceptions of their covert, coordinated criminality—thus the pervasive attacks on “conspiracy theories,” “tin-foil hats,” et al.

Evolution, however, ever beckons.

Evolution of Consciousness and “Positive Disintegration”

As a metaphor for human evolution, a infant will cry in frustration when a parent momentarily stops carrying them around everywhere; this frustration, however, is what finally compels the child to learn to walk. There is no stopping evolution.

As previously noted, however, evolution is not a smooth, linear process; like the young child, we falter, stumble, and stagger forward. During times of struggle, alert attention and awareness expand; during times of relief, rest, and a lull into complacency, such contract, and control by force, not wisdom, more easily becomes the rule, abetted greatly by psychopathic emotional manipulation.

The consciousness of a human being exists on distinct, independent levels of awareness, all but two of which (the plane of the physical and the plane of the emotions) are virtually untapped by our very young expression of the “humaniform template.” We have been working our way through the plane of the emotions for so long—far beyond our understanding of our history—that we have no understanding of these distinct levels of consciousness (what we might currently consider to be different “brains”), how they interact, or how they independently impact our lives. We can, must, and eventually will, however, deliberately and consciously begin the acclimation process of moving onto the plane of the mind by first becoming aware of, and then attending to, our homework—piece by piece, individual by individual. Many have begun; some graduated long ago . . . 

During a growth phase of evolution, one is forced to accept that previously cherished beliefs were superficial and incomplete and regular intervals of “ideological demolition” must take place as all ideologies eventually either become corrupted and collapse, or are simply outgrown; in either case they are superseded by a greater wisdom. We grow into our new awareness (by choice or by trauma) and then the process is repeated; the greater the wisdom gained, the faster the cycle repeats. Such is evolution. Given our current circumstances, however, the crumbling of our emotional belief systems and the subsequent emotional trauma will need to be graciously addressed.

We the People of the United States of America are now at such a point, which Kazimierz Dabrowski called, “Positive Disintegration”; this is why this web site opens invoking a conscious, deliberate “Spring cleaning.” Ideologies, regardless of their inherent value, are always a barrier—to one degree or another—between an individual and the truth. This is why ideologies are so important to psychopaths. [It is also a principal reason why monks live alone in the wilderness . . . ]

Healing Humanity

There is no known cure—no drugs nor any form of therapy or counseling—for psychopathy; it is a condition that psychopaths cherish and will not surrender, and often by soliciting someone else’s understanding of their condition, they then use that analysis to deceive others to yet an even greater degree.

What can be done, however, is for each of the rest of us—the vast majority of emotionally healthy, caring people on this jewel of a planet—to attend to our own learning, growth, and healing and thus our evolution, and in doing so, aid in the evolution of us all. When we abandon others, we abandon ourselves.

The ability to avoid getting caught up in a psychopath’s inevitable emotional manipulation does require that we “do our homework” and thus not be vulnerable to being manipulated into expressing any unresolved insecurities of our own that the psychopath would then immediately attempt to inflame—shaming us and forcefully changing the focus of the interaction. When I urge us to “do our homework,” I do so emphatically. Specific to this post, please consider the following:

Understand the Sequence of “Political Ponerology”

The ideology is the venue; emotional manipulation is the tool; and the hapless hysteria of the “sheep being led to the slaughterhouse” is the meticulously crafted conclusion. Or, in other words, the goal of the psychopath is to:
1. covertly overthrow the ideology,
2. disable any critical thinking by relentlessly invalidating the truth via emotional manipulation, and
3. plunder and destroy the traumatized society from within.

Sustain Your Mind

If we want Peace on Earth, we must grow beyond our emotional, moralistic judgements; we must begin to learn to use our mind. One of the greatest challenges we are now facing as we move to the plane of the mind, is that our emotional consciousness will battle ferociously within us, like a cornered animal, for what it perceives to be our survival. Our emotional consciousness clings to the past because it is known, no matter how painful; it has suffered so much, over so many lifetimes, the thought of change unimaginable (from the emotional perspective) is terrifying. Rationalization is the tool our emotional consciousness uses, and often with no small amount of hysteria, to desperately convince us that we are, in fact, thinking clearly and using our mind.

When you learn how to distinguish between your emotional reactions and clear, calm thought; and when you gain—through persistent practice—the ability to maintain that self-reflective awareness in moments of overwhelming adversity; can you then begin to learn how to think, and act, consciously and deliberately.

Once you become aware of that distinction, you can never lose access to that consciousness. When you pause and reflect upon your emotional reactions—as they occur—you can only do so from the plane of the mind; self-reflection can only emanate from the eternal, non-attached Witness. You may falter (and you will—we all do), but you will learn that your access to that awareness remains, expands, and always grows ever stronger.

Please understand that I am in no way invalidating our emotional consciousness—healthy emotions are a wonderful gift! [I believe I need not go into any explicit details,   ;-)   but also please do remember that a psychopath is unable to fully experience the sublime gifts that full, healthy emotions can offer.] There are, however, some choices that are best made from a more expansive, clear, calm awareness.

Once we begin to stabilize our consciousness on the plane of the mind, accepting full responsibility for all of our thoughts, emotions, words, and actions, can we then begin to integrate, and ultimately heal, our insecurities, our fears, and our pain. The Earth is our classroom, your Soul is your Teacher, and you will be tested—far more than you will want. There is no escaping evolution.

Begin to Understand Unconditional Love

We have all been so bludgeoned into submission after so many thousands of years of physical and emotional tyranny, that those of us who are not actively “doing our homework” will find it difficult to believe that true love can prevail. Yet it not only will prevail, it is inevitable.

Unconditional love is a concept little understood by our very young version of humanity, but there is another word that encompasses much (but not all) of the essence of unconditional love. That word is: “forgiveness.”

As our ability to love grows, deepens, and expands, so does our understanding of, and compassion for, our Brothers and Sisters and, eventually, for All That Is. Love is directly proportional to understanding—unencumbered by our insecurities, our fears, and our pain—and each nurtures the other. Our lesson is not of learning to forgive others—that happens naturally as our ability to love blossoms—our lesson is to learn to forgive ourselves.

If you so choose—and it must be a conscious, heartfelt, deliberate choice that only you can make—you can ask your Soul where a specific pain came from. You will—at some point (preferably one of stillness), in some form or another, but still always—be given the answer; only you can recognize it, but you must learn how to do so, by doing your homework. The resultant “awakening” can often be very powerful and can result in a “deep cleansing” such that the sometimes-ancient pain is completely healed. [I speak from experience.]

Do the thing you fear and the death of fear is certain.
—Ralph Waldo Emerson

Disarming Our Psychopaths

For an emotionally healthy person, there are no defenses against a psychopath . . . 

until you learn to recognize their condition . . . 

and then, “the tide turns,” dramatically and powerfully.

Once you learn to recognize a psychopath—before they begin their predatory demolition of your psyche—they lose their power over you. If you didn’t recognize them until after they began their parasitic draining of your energy (the 1986 movie, “Aliens,” is a powerful metaphor for the nature of psychopathy), you will have to work much harder to free yourself, but it can still be done—those deep scars can be healed.

Any fear or co-dependence sensed by a psychopath only emboldens them; they “feed” on fear and co-dependence (i.e., conditional love). Unconditional love, on the other hand, is something of which they have no understanding. It offends and frustrates them and when caught off-guard by it, enrages them, triggering a “fight or flight” reaction. In closed quarters, they will often attack (verbally and/or physically) with all their might like the cornered animal. They sense that they are losing control over one or more of us, and they are: psychopaths lose their power when people are unaffected by their emotionally tyrannical responses to unconditional love and their weakness becomes exposed for the world to see. {I have personally witnessed this.]

You can love someone and still hold them accountable for their words and their actions—this is the nature of unconditional love. The psychopath will never be able to—will never allow themselves to—attain the power that is innate in us all: the power that illuminates the plane of the heart. No psychopath, however practiced, will ever leave the plane of the lower mind, for to do so would be to surrender their (perceived) power and thus “self-destruct.”

So love them.

But first you must be very honest with yourself: if the love you offer is not humble, sincere, and heartfelt, the psychopath—a master at deception and emotional manipulation—will see right through you, be thrilled to have found your weakness (self-deception), and in response will “go for the jugular.” You cannot “conjure up” true, unconditional love; you cannot “fake it.” It must be the result of “doing your homework” and accepting complete and total responsibility for each and every one of your thoughts, emotions, words, and actions.

So love them fully, deeply, sincerely, and with no attachment to their response, and you will inevitably (and often very quickly) overwhelm them. I don’t suggest you be complacent toward them; I don’t suggest you concede to them or succumb to their subsequent barrage of flowery, condescending compliments or insults. I don’t suggest that you condone their actions or put yourself at risk in their presence (as they can be quite violent in close quarters).

Just love them.

Don’t accept responsibility for their words or their actions. Don’t lend them your credit card or the keys to your car or house. Don’t let them babysit your loved ones. Don’t hire them or allow them into public office.

Just love them.

When you offer a psychopath sincere, unconditional love—regardless of their words and their actions—they will initially be thrilled because they will assume that they will then be able to manipulate you. But if you “stand your ground” and offer them that love—knowing full well of their condition and what their responses may well be—and then graciously articulate your awareness of their condition, you completely disempower them. You have demonstrated to them a power that they can never have and their “Mask of Sanity” will crumble; they will reveal their true psychopathy and they will thus stand “naked before the world” in all their insecurity and fear, and (often) violent rage. If they dare not attack you, they will turn and leave as quickly as possible—often while hurling insults (and obscene gestures) over their shoulder.

And still, love them.

Acknowledge their condition and love them.

Whenever we offer love to a psychopath—regardless of their words or actions—and see them plainly as an extreme version of a lost, lonely, and deeply insecure child, we are able to love them and in doing so will experience our own true power: the power of pure, unconditional love. Such an awareness will free us from any attachment to the unavoidable reactions of the psychopath and deepen our own healing and evolution as well.

Closing Thoughts

Just as you cannot blow up one side of a balloon, you cannot have only one facet of a rapidly evolving society. There is ever a balance between the “light” and the “dark” in this universe, and the power of the psychopaths—as it rapidly grows and causes immense destruction worldwide—must then be balanced by the growth in awareness of the vast majority of sincere, loving people throughout the world as well.

The psychopaths who consider themselves to be in control at this time are very powerful against an ideologically obsessed, submissive populace, but they are always vastly outnumbered. They must go to an extraordinary amount of effort to deceive, murder, and plunder, and their plans must be adhered to meticulously. Such machinations often require great effort to overcome any unexpected turn of events, but an emotionally healthy person, due to having billions of healthy Brothers and Sisters, need only do their homework, speak their truth, and cast their votes.

The above takes practice, patience, and compassion. The hardest work is surrendering our outgrown beliefs. Should we do our homework and “stand our ground,” we shall see—in our lifetimes—“Peace on Earth.”

 . . . having done all, to stand.
—Saint Paul


Of all my posts, this was exhausting; it has taken many months of research and reflection. Surrendering our core beliefs and accepting the next layer of truths is the hardest work we can ever do, for it is work upon ourselves. But this “homework” is also a primary reason why we are here on this planet at this time. When you do this work—as you must someday, in some lifetime—I ask that you be kind to yourself, be gentle with yourself, nurture yourself.

This is work, my Brothers and Sisters.

The rage that we feel when we hear of, or when we experience, violence being perpetrated with sadistic pleasure, with callous indifference, or even just from a sense of helplessness, is understandable, but ultimately it is not healthy for ourselves or for those suffering or inflicting such atrocities. We will never have peace by hating war, nor will we stop the endless killing by killing those who kill others. Hating a psychopath “feeds” them and if you hate a psychopath to a sufficient degree, you effectively join their ranks.

This is hard work.

Talking about unconditional love is a wonderful philosophical exercise, but when that love becomes the only perceived means to divert looming tyranny and subjugation—carefully, covertly crafted over many years—one can only be deeply humbled. It is easy to rail at mysterious, unseen-but-assumed forces—the ever-elusive “They.” But when that inner pinnacle—the “Dweller on the Threshold”—is reflected in the psychopath standing before you, there is no place to hide.

Unconditional love is the hardest work; it is also the greatest reward.

May Peace Prevail on Earth—Goodwill Toward All That Is.

Blessings to us all, my beloved Brothers and Sisters, blessings to us all,

Arthur “Two Sheds” Jackson

The lion who breaks the enemy’s ranks

is a minor hero

compared to the lion who overcomes himself.
—Jalal ad-Din Rumi

Appendix: Four Steps for Graciously Subsuming a Psychopath

The following is a proposed four-step outline that may assist in becoming free from the emotional manipulations of a psychopath:

1. Study
Study the condition and learn how to recognize it. The sources listed below are a good start—it is why they were written. A word of caution, however: the information may well confuse and upset you. When you begin to accept an awareness of the condition, you may well have a strong emotional reaction to the information. Give serious thought to the possibility that you have probably interacted with a psychopath at one point (or several) in your life.
2. Discuss
Discuss the condition with your “local area network” (friends, neighbors, and co-workers) so that you have “reinforcements” if you need them; initially, until you get some practice, you will probably need some “backup.” Psychopaths never surrender, they only retreat and/or relocate to plan their next move.
3. Ascertain
When you interact with someone in a manner that requires that you give them something (i.e., your money, time, or trust), pay attention to how they present themselves and to the consistency between their words and actions. If their actions do not reasonably follow their words (i.e. if they do not fulfill an obligation or if they tell a lie and then dismiss any question of their responsibility) and they present a boisterous, charismatic, assertive facade, you would be wise to consider that you might be dealing with a psychopath. Do not assume your perception is accurate; check with others, and do not assume their perception is accurate.

If you think you might be dealing with a psychopath, look into their eyes and see if you can recognize the wounded, insecure child within them who once realized that they weren’t the same as everybody else and felt the need to wear a “Mask of Sanity.”
4. Love
If you see that “mask”—that facade—then honestly and graciously tell them what you are experiencing. Do so only if you can do so sincerely and safely.

This is a key moment. A conscientious, caring person will be deeply humbled and apologize; offer a sincere apology in return. A psychopath—if momentarily caught off guard—will become enraged and scream, threaten, and insult you to bait you into responding emotionally as doing so would reveal your own weaknesses. If they are a psychopath and are able to quickly control themselves—psychopaths are often well-practiced at this—they will offer “soothing” words to manipulate you. Pay careful attention to how they respond: if they have masked their psychopathy, there will be rage seething just under the surface; they will also invariably denigrate you, and later do so to as many others as they can as well.

Love them anyway, remembering that you are inherently more powerful than they are and that they are vastly outnumbered.


The following are not complete lists. Research into psychopathy is ongoing. The Internet holds many treasures.

Books and Papers
Political Ponerology” by Andrzej M. Łobaczewski is a monumental work. [Note: the book is now being published by Red Pill Press under the name: Andrew M. Łobaczewski.] The knowledge, wisdom, empathy, strength, and suffering required to write such a treatise are so pronounced it is palpable. Andrzej’s strength and wisdom have rarely been demonstrated by our species.

This is a monumental work.

[That Andrzej was finally able to bring it into print is quite a story unto itself. He gives brief allusions throughout the book, but an excellent blog of the history of the book is here. Blessings to Harrison Koehli and the folks at Red Pill Press!]
“The Mask of Sanity” by Hervey Cleckley—first published in 1941—is considered a seminal work and essential reading for someone who wants to understand the condition of psychopathy. It is available for free as a 1.5MB, scanned and OCR’ed PDF download by clicking here.
“Psychopathy: Theory and Research,” “Without Conscience: The Disturbing World of the Psychopaths Among Us,” and “Snakes in Suits: When Psychopaths Go to Work” (with Paul Babiak) by Robert D. Hare

The ongoing work of Robert D. Hare is also deeply respected and essential for understanding the medical criteria for the determination of psychopathy. His “Psychopathy Checklist-Revised (PCL-R)” is briefly detailed here and his Web site is here.
“The Sociopath Next Door” by Martha Stout.
“The Authoritarians” by Bob Altemeyer details research studying the qualities present in those members of a society who are most vulnerable to, and would then strongly support, psychopathic emotional manipulation. It is available for free as a 1.4MB PDF download by going the author’s web site here.
“Construct Validity of Psychopathy in a Community Sample: a Nomological Net Approach,” Journal of Personality Disorders, 15(5), 425-441, 2001 by Randall T. Salekin, Krista K. Trobst, and Maria Krioukova can be downloaded here.

Web Pages
One of the most comprehensive list of resources is posted by Red Pill Press here and an extensive blog on ponerology is here.
Arkadiusz Jadczyk and Laura Knight-Jadczyk have posted a vast number of pages on psychopathy. A good place to start might be here.
[Blessings to Arkadiusz and Laura for their enormous efforts! They were also essential in bringing “Political Ponerology” to print, and Laura and Henry See were the editors.]
Twilight of the Psychopaths” by Kevin Barrett
Truth to Power—Psychopaths Rule Our World” by Niall Bradley
The Theory of Positive Disintegration by Kazimierz Dabrowski

Here are some pages that offer a perspective on the current political impact, including an analysis of Andrzej Łobaczewski’s work:
Political Ponerology: Andrzej M. Łobaczewski
The Role of the Psychopath in the Generation of Global Evil

2008.2.18: DismantleIt.net Posted

DismantleIt.net was posted as “Forums to Facilitate the Sovereignty of the States.”

2006.12.4: Initial Post

This page is actually a trick question, because you are the People who will decide (or not) to implement those necessary actions—primarily by voting—to completely dismantle the entire federal bureaucracy and to reestablish the country that was created, by some very wise fellows, for the People.

This work, this invocation of our evolution of consciousness, will only be possible through deliberate, conscious actions established on the plane of the mind. It is actually rather simple work and needn’t be time-consuming but it does require a collective “focused intent” followed by group action. The government need be only a small part of our lives.

If, in time, enough mental interest is established, DismantleIt.net will be posted as a means of interacting on a intra-state basis; then should conscious intent be demonstrated through sufficient significant constructive actions, DismantleIt.org will be made available for the support of national efforts. “One step at a time” . . . and . . . “Time is of the essence.”

You know, wishing won’t make it so

Hoping won’t do it, praying won’t do it

Religion won’t do it, philosophy won’t do it

The supreme court won’t do it, the president and the congress won’t do it

The H bomb won’t do it, the sun and the moon won’t do it

God won’t do it and I certainly won’t do it

That leaves you, you’ll have to do it
—Todd Rundgren   [Thank you, Brother, for so much]