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Boys, PTSD, and the False Citadel

The overwhelming, hysterical, panicked rage attacks that many people, especially males, experience—triggered by even the slightest mishap or inconvenience—are the result of deeply rooted survival (“fight-or-flight”) conditioning, where almost any issue or incident triggers the belief, often completely unconsciously, that one is in mortal danger. This programming is the result of thousands of years of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), experienced, to one degree or another, by virtually everyone who has walked this planet. In extreme cases, a condition known as the “False Citadel” can result: The defense mechanisms become so deeply engrained and arise so fast that the person cannot fully comprehend what is happening. The reaction that is triggered is so instinctual that it can even result in the person having no memory of what they have just said or done and they are then mystified by the response of those around them. These conditions are the final defensive ramparts that keep us from understanding and appreciating who we really are: We are denied our innocence and our divinity and a vague and sometimes overwhelming sense of worthlessness debilitates us.

For thousands of years, male children have been raised and conditioned, by older males suffering from PTSD, into believing that the natural (and often quite delightful), adolescent male phase of growth, particularly the development of testosterone-fueled emotions, i.e. the “fight-or-flight” behavior patterns, is the pinnacle of male development. Thus we live in a world of boys raising boys to be boys, aptly articulated by the book and movie “Lord of the Flies,” a story about a group of young boys, stranded on a deserted island, who establish a hierarchy based upon brutality and terror. In the story, the condition gets worse and worse, very much like what is happening on the planet right now, until they are rescued by a ship of older males who are shocked by the degree to which they find the boys have degenerated.

Unfortunately we do not have such a deus ex machina.

Because the planet is so firmly under the control of emotionally stunted males, and has been for countless thousands of years, whenever a male deliberately chooses to evolve out of his adolescence into full manhood, by accepting full responsibility for his own thoughts and emotions, words and actions; he is invariably hunted down, brutally tortured, and finally murdered by the males who, in full control of a subjugated population, believe the emotionally evolved man to be a threat to their authority. It is small consolation when, a few decades or centuries later, the murdered man is declared a saint or has a religion named after him.

Until this pattern of boys seeking out, torturing, and murdering the rare few who evolve into men is recognized and firmly and lovingly articulated and addressed, and the boys are lovingly nurtured and rewarded for evolving past their adolescence, the human species will be increasingly at risk to profound decimation and self-destruction. The violently destructive male activity on this planet is also, in part, an unconscious response to the pain of being denied their true self-worth.

Achieving this result and allowing for what would be an astoundingly beneficial stabilization of the species is a process that is actually not only quite easy but would also be profoundly joyful. How to get boys—in firm control of the financial/military/industrial/media complex [Thank you, Dwight], which they control in a desperate and ultimately unsuccessful attempt to deal with their PTSD-fueled emotions—to allow such a growth and evolution is the question: a question that must be addressed if our species is to survive, and is a primary intent of this Web site.

I learned this, at least, by my experiment: that if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.
—Henry David Thoreau

Through the twists and turns of evolution, the human species has been emotionally manipulated relentlessly by those who do not have the best interests of their Brothers and Sisters foremost in their thoughts and actions. After so many thousands of years of never-ending trauma we have gotten so disoriented that a curious confusion has developed (and subsequently been deliberately perpetuated): we mistake weakness for strength and strength for weakness. Violence (in its many forms) is almost always the demonstration of the belief that one is helpless to react in any other way—regardless of the inevitable posturing.

True power has never been, nor ever will be, demonstrated by the ability to kill another form of life. A two-year-old child can pull the trigger of a gun and there are many suffering families that are, and are still, grieving such losses. Give them your deepest love and compassion, my Brothers and Sisters—parents are not designed to bury their children. [I speak from experience.]

Demonstrations of true strength have always been denigrated and repressed by boys unwilling to risk losing their ability to subjugate those under their control. Another example: Native Americans understood both true strength and wisdom when they were invaded; the adolescent boys who overran the continent (defacing much of it in the process, often quite deliberately) did not and we are only now beginning to recognize those qualities.

The world is thus (half-) filled with boys and very few, if any, men. Most of the boys are honest, sincere, and quite lovable children. Naughty boys (and there are many) can easily be distinguished by their desperate (and often violent) attempts to convince themselves, by attempting to convince others, of just how strong and fierce they are. Nothing could be further from the truth as they are obviously quite firmly imprisoned on the plane of the emotions.

Something we were withholding made us weak until we found it was ourselves.
—Robert Frost

A planet under the complete control of adolescent males certainly has its share of drama and excitement, but living continuously on adrenaline and testosterone is ultimately not conducive to healthy living and the necessary resulting growth. I encourage you to do your homework.

Boys can be delightfully entertaining and passionate, and often do a thorough job of giving girls lots to talk about. Until those boys evolve into men however there are some things that boys would best be refrained from exploring:
Playing with weapons . . . tanks and armored personnel carriers are an especially bad idea, and nuclear-tipped cruise missiles are “right out”;
Playing with “Other People’s Money”;
Creating, promoting, or managing religions—a process especially prone to emotional manipulation and, from a naughty boy’s perspective, one that is indistinguishable from politics: to naughty boys, both are equally exhilarating adventures aimed at removing money (and just about anything else they can get) from other people. [Not to belabour the obvious, but any government or religious “leader” (usually self-proclaimed) who disputes this assessment is simply proving the point.];
Telling others what to do, think, or believe.

To wit: because naughty boys have consistently manipulated their way into gaining control of governments and religions on this planet for thousands of years, we have yet to experience true forms of either democracy or Christianity (to name but two examples); labeling a pig “a duck” will not suddenly enable the pig to fly.

Democracy is not a state in which people act like sheep.
—Mohandas Gandhi

Very naughty boys (and there are only a very few, but a very powerful few) function primarily on the plane of the mind. They are most skillful at emotionally manipulating the People, especially the abundance of naughty boys, to commit acts of violence in order to suppress any particular populace—all for their own personal benefit. This is the primary purpose of almost all of the various forms of military operations around the world and most police forces are just another form of military occupation for the purpose of population subjugation.

Police brutality and repression, in every country including this one, is an overt expression of the ravages of PTSD on all of the forms of life on this planet. Such activity is rarely publicized and when it is made public it is done with the usual posturing and emotional manipulation necessary to keep naughty boys in control of their subjugated populaces. Regardless of the fact that there are sincere, dedicated police officers in every country, this behavior has been going on for thousands of years.

The exception in this country is the elected office of county sheriff. Elected by the People of their county, the sheriffs are generally quite sincerely “serving and protecting.” [I happen to frequent a county that is blessed with a patient, compassionate, light-hearted, and (as necessary, I expect) firm sheriff. I encourage you to consider putting your sheriffs in full control of all law enforcement and related public service activities in your States, answering to an elected attorney general.]

Emotional Manipulation

Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.
—François Voltaire

George Orwell’s dark vision “1984” is in full force in the world and especially in those countries that proclaim, very loudly and repeatedly, their “honor” and “integrity.” George knew of what he was writing; please do not expect naughty boys to brag publicly about their crimes—sneers and smirks are usually your only clues. ( . . . that, and the piles of dead bodies and rising prices. However, if a male declares himself to be a man, you can be sure he is a naughty boy.)

Naughty boys are limited to very simple tools. Emotional manipulation is their primary tool and it has served them well. Naughty boys also use emotional manipulation to suppress and mask their own fears. Their mask of strength is a thin veneer and exists solely for the purpose of defending themselves against those that they fear the most: those to whom they are closest.

Throughout history, so-called “terrorist attacks” have been used against one’s own country to further the plans of very naughty boys. As we continue to evolve and move onto the plane of the mind, these acts will become more and more difficult to disguise. This Web site will not address those crimes nor identify the very naughty boys who have perpetrated them. Until we as a group do our homework, dismantle the federal bureaucracy, and stabilize our interactions with the rest of our Brother and Sisters around the world, such information is moot.

If we don’t change our direction, we’re likely to end up where we’re headed.
—Chinese proverb

If a naughty boy is not having any luck manipulating others to his satisfaction, he will often simply just change tactics, i.e. going from “I’m from the Government, I’m here to help you. Give me all your money” to “I’m from the Church, I’m here to help you. Give me all your money.” One of his “assistants” (usually wearing dark glasses and standing just behind or beside him) will realize the first tactic, for example, is not working, poke him with an elbow (attempting, unsuccessfully, to be discrete) and mumble something to the effect of, “It’s not working. Try the Church line.” The “Speaker of the House” will then dash around the corner, take off his necktie, put on a collar, dash back out, and use “the Church line.” At which point his other buddies, hiding in the wings, will chuckle amongst themselves and give each other the “thumbs up.” On occasion, the “police” will then step in and tell them to move along, all the while with their hand open behind their back for their share of the take . . . and so on “up the line.” Some of the most delightful parodies of this behavior appeared in various Monty Python street and courtroom sketches; there are also glaring examples of this in recent American history, but those incidents are not the focus of this Web site.

  . . . Boys will be boys. . . . 

Fear, separatism, revenge, and self-righteousness are very effective tools when imposed on kind and trusting People. This “emotional glamour” is greatly facilitated when we do not take full responsibility for our own thoughts, our own emotions, our own words, and our own actions. Mohandas Gandhi was a shining example of accepting responsibility for one’s own thoughts and emotions and not blaming them on others. His reaching out to embrace the man who had just shot him is just one of the countless demonstrations of doing your homework that we have been offered by wise and loving Brothers and Sisters since the dawn of time.

As we become aware of the conflicting information available to us, it will eventually be considered that at least one of the sources of conflicting information is not being entirely honest. Step One: Accept the possibility that we are being lied to. Step Two: Begin to discern which sources of information are lying, by noting the emotional reactions to the information being provided by any given source. If the information provided triggers emotional reactions of fear, due to vague, indeterminate threats (or acts) of violence, the source that provided such information is practicing emotional manipulation. A source of information that fosters separation and conflict is deliberately lying and often quite skillfully. (One particular “news” program comes to mind.)

The only way that this deceit can be successfully accomplished, and thus serve the goals of those who are subjugating others, is through emotional manipulation. It is a skill that has been practiced for thousands of years and we are now at a point of evolution such that the proponents of “Selfishness, Separation, and Stuff” (SS&S)  [I use the term “Stuff” in reference to the wonderful George Carlin routine of the same name. Thank you, George!]  are well aware that they are at risk of losing control over their (often violently) subjugated populaces, should those populations be allowed to fully develop their divine, innate, mental capabilities and facilities—a process that is inevitable and can only be delayed.

Thus these very naughty boys are well aware that profound devastation of the planet may well be necessary to maintain their control over the People of the world. They have no concern regarding such consequences, as they would lose control over all of humanity anyway. The various poisons, in many forms, that they have been slowly feeding a trusting population are well known to those who are doing their homework. The only weapon that these very naughty boys have to use against an evolving species is an emotionally manipulated faction of that species, i.e. their military forces.

Emotional manipulation is a very powerful tool—it has been used for many thousands of years. But within that power lies the seed of its destruction, because emotional manipulation is the only tool available to the naughty boys (and the very naughty boys who manipulate them) and it requires an unconscious population to have any effect. Evolution is the ticking clock that rumbles in the distance and the naughty boys are well aware (on one level or another) of their numbered days:

Because we are at a fulcrum-point in the evolution of the human species—the moving from the plane of the emotions onto the plane of the mind—those naughty boys who had trusted that they would always be able to emotionally manipulate the rest of the planet are slowly realizing that they will have to work much harder to manipulate a populace that is steadily moving to a state of consciousness that is centered in the mind. They are slowly realizing that they will have to resort to ever-increasing levels of deception, manipulation, and violence—usually immediately followed by blaming their actions on someone else (and preferably someone a long way away)—as they try to force the People back into reacting emotionally, allowing the naughty boys an excuse for even greater violence, hoping to trigger yet more emotional reactions, and the cycle goes on and on . . . until their actions can no longer be disguised.

Human Evolution

Life more abundantly.
—The Christ (speaking through the Adept, Jesus)

This Web site is not suggesting revolution; it is encouraging you to choose conscious co-creation with the inevitable evolution. Violent revolutions take place on the plane of the emotions; conscious evolution takes place on the plane of the mind—the first rung on the “Ladder of Conscious Evolution.” Revolutions give naughty boys excuses to attack others. Conscious evolution on the part of the People will likely incite them into tantrums as well, but their motives will be obvious: they will only be able to use their only available tool, emotional manipulation, through a steadily shrinking pool of emotionally stunted children. (Blessings to our children.)

There are many rungs on that Ladder of Evolution. But when, for the first time, you finally become consciously aware of that Ladder and humbly accept that you have been wandering aimlessly, lost in the miasma of the emotional plane, everything changes. What many think of as the Angelic Realm is simply a slightly higher rung on that Ladder—a Ladder that we have not yet fully become aware of, much less done the homework necessary to be able to begin to climb. All this Web site may do is to tell you that that Ladder exists. You are encouraged to look for it.

Free Will means to gladly do what you must do.
—Carl Jung

Now is the time for action. If we do not take action and thus allow others to define our reality for us, the consequences may not be in our best interest. The human species has evolved to the point where enough people are now making decisions (and slowly becoming centered) on the plane of the mind—based upon their mental analysis of their reality rather than on their emotional reactions to their perceived reality—that a brief but very significant opportunity has become available. What we are currently experiencing is evolution in action.

“Time is of the essence.”

Human beings have about as much long-term control over their evolution as has bacteria in a scientist’s petri dish. However we do have full control over how we experience that growth. Indeed: Only we have full control over how we experience that growth. We can either lovingly “go with the flow”  [I (and others, I expect) call it “surfing Reality.”]  or we can feel like a ping pong ball and react unconsciously to the many surprises that are in store for us. Influencing the course of human history, consciously and deliberately, does however—like surfing—take a little bit of practice. I encourage you to start practicing and do your homework.

[You] can become as God, provided [you] submit to the evolutionary process and do not refrain from being stretched upon the wheel.
—D. K.

At this time there is a very distinct polarization of consciousness taking place on this planet: Every human being is being “encouraged” to choose between (what is sometimes referred to as) “Service to Others” (STO) or “Service to Self” (STS, also referred to above as focusing on SS&S). The fact that we are now at a point of climactic (including climatic) change explains much of the chaos that we are currently experiencing. As stated earlier, human beings are creatures of elaboration. Human beings are also creatures of complacency; thus this polarization is simply a form of motivation in compliance with the process of evolution. Our evolution is now at a point such that the intended changes will happen whether or not we choose to recognize, acknowledge, or participate consciously in this momentous event.

It may be useful to consider that the naughty boys who are acting out their focus on SS&S, are actually a constructive component of the evolution of our species: their actions are compelling those who are “straddling the fence” to assert themselves and choose either STO or STS. We can then ponder the STS behavior as actually an expression of the Creator encouraging us to release our passivity and unconscious subordination and to invoke a consciously chosen path.

Without such a stimulus (usually resulting in pain and sorrow), evolution would move at a far slower pace. Pain is an opportunity for accelerated growth and growth is always cumulative (from lifetime to lifetime). Do not forget that All That Is is divine and it is simply our “addiction to victimization,” perpetuated by one’s focus on the plane of the emotions, that allows the Forces of SS&S to continue to emotionally manipulate us. As we move onto the plane of the mind, we will discover that addictions only exist on the plane of the emotions. Food for thought.

Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding.
—Kahlil Gibran

This polarization of consciousness is our most readily accessible demonstration of how to proceed at this point of inevitable and irrevocable evolution in as gentle, as loving, and as rapid a manner as possible. It is a most useful “road map.” One of the clearest examples of this polarization of consciousness is the fundamental difference between the two computer systems, the Apple Macintosh and “PC” systems running Microsoft Windows. The foundation of the work of Apple Computer could be described as “inspired creativity through excitement with integrity.”

These two distinct computing platforms are external demonstrations of the “old” in conflict with the “new.” Those who are rooted in the mindset, the belief system, that has been in power for over two thousand years are very threatened by the “focused intent” that is now actively replacing it. The crystallized, emotionally focused materialism that has maintained complete control over this species will be raised to the next level of consciousness, centered (at this relatively brief next stage of evolution) on the plane of the mind.

This new expression of consciousness will allow (note that qualification) for the unfolding of a degree of awareness that will facilitate the releasing of ancient conflicts between Peoples and will result in what has been longed for and called (for far longer than we are aware), the blossoming of “Heaven on Earth.” Do understand that at some point, “this too must change,” and eventually, when the next “round of lessons” is mastered, yet another turn of the spiral of evolution will unfold. The peace and joyful community that will be gained after this current flux of evolution will not be lost, but will then be raised to yet an even more inclusive degree, which the Christ referred to with the words “life more abundantly.” One step at a time, my Brothers and Sisters, one step at a time. (Or perhaps, “One rung of the Ladder at a time.”)

All life is cyclic, from the life of a fly, to that of a nation, a solar system, and far beyond. You can choose to consciously participate in these cycles or to allow yourself to be affected by them. If you choose to participate in this “Game of the Gods” then you must play according to the rules: you must do your homework and deliberately and methodically rise above the plane of the emotions to the plane of the mind. You cannot do this by repressing, ignoring, or denying your emotions. You can only do this by:
Recognizing your emotions and accepting full responsibility for them. No one else is, or ever can be, responsible for your emotions.
Resolving those emotions by deeply exploring where they came from and why they arose.
Consciously making decisions and taking those actions that will “neutralize” or balance those emotions such that they no longer have domination over your decisions and subsequent actions.

Evolution from one plane of consciousness to the next higher level is always self-induced and the result of physical actions. This is work, my Brothers and Sisters, and it is hard work. It is not negotiable. This brief opportunity is truly an honor but it will not be fulfilled unless our species—as a diverse, synthesized consciousness—has earned that privilege; which is why on an as-needed basis Teachers are sent to Earth to remind us to do our homework. To accept responsibility for one’s creation requires courage, humility, and much effort.

Humility does not mean you think less of yourself. It means you think of yourself less.
—Ken Blanchard

Waiting for some Divine Being to descend from the sky and wave their hands, “saving” some and “damning” others, is just another expression of what could be referred to as our “addiction to victimization” and our obsession with “Glamour, Glory, and Grandiosity.” (“Glamour,” in the context of this Web site, could be described as “emotional aggrandizement.”) The Gang Upstairs loves us unconditionally and thus grant us the opportunity, the “free will,” to do as we choose, no matter how silly or self-destructive those choices may be. Should we actually begin to do the work necessary to create “Heaven on Earth” there will be many surprises and presents in store for us all. The Teacher of All Teachers will joyfully show up for our next class—just as soon as we do the homework that we’ve been assigned . . . for thousands of years.

“Group Graduation Day” is now fast approaching and will not occur again for some time. We have done almost all of our homework, culminating in the World War (1914-1945), and if we do not take the time to “dot our ‘i’s and cross our ‘t’s,” we will not graduate and we will have to take this class all over again. It is a class that has been going on for thousands of years and it has had its moments of struggle, pain, and sorrow. The People of this country have the inherent loving kindness needed to implement this “Spring cleaning” and to do so in as gentle, as loving, and as rapid a manner as possible. Do we, as a united group of Brothers and Sisters, have the strength of will necessary to do this work and see it through to completion?

If you bring forth what is within you
what you bring forth will save you.
If you do not bring forth what is within you
what you do not bring forth will destroy you.
—The Gospel of Thomas

We have the opportunity to celebrate our growth with a physical, active demonstration of that growth—demonstrated both to ourselves and to our Brothers and Sisters of the world. We have made our “Declaration of Independence,” we now have the opportunity to demonstrate a “Declaration of Responsibility.” Are we willing to do the work necessary to demonstrate our “ability to respond”?

There is no Religion higher than Truth.
—H. P. B.

This is evolution in action.

I tried to find Him on the Christian cross, but He was not there; I went to the Temple of the Hindus and to the old pagodas, but I could not find a trace of Him anywhere.

I searched on the mountains and in the valleys but neither in the heights nor in the depths was I able to find Him. I went to the Caaba in Mecca, but He was not there either.

I questioned the scholars and philosophers but He was beyond their understanding.

I then looked into my heart and it was there where He dwelled that I saw Him; He was nowhere else to be found.
—Jalal ad-Din Rumi

Unconditional Nurturing

The ultimate lesson all of us have to learn is unconditional love, which includes not only others but ourselves as well.
—Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

Unconditional, unwavering nurturing at a fundamental level is the only way to begin to heal PTSD. (Do not confuse indulgence with nurturing.) PTSD cannot be healed through counseling or drugs; it cannot be resolved through incarceration. Any forms of “support” that do not offer unconditional nurturing need to be politely rebuffed—PTSD will not be overcome by the imposition of military force.

Only nurturing will heal PTSD and everyone on this planet, after thousands of years of violence in its many forms, suffers from PTSD to one degree or another. In their PTSD-fueled survival mentality, boys (of all ages) shame attempts at nurturing our children; that nurturing, however, is a fundamental requirement for growth out of emotional adolescence into mind- (and eventually heart-) based consciousness—levels of consciousness where true power begins not only to become available but where the seeds of such power are joyously offered.

Selfishness is a necessary stage of evolution that allows us to learn the consequences of selfishness and then, subsequently, to learn the benefits to be gained by service to others, not just to oneself. Do understand that “service to others in spite of self” is no more true service than “service to self in spite of others.”

There is no greater source of physical and emotional nurturing on this planet than women—it is their birthright and their divine power. They too, however, suffer from PTSD and need and deserve that nurturing themselves. Women are long overdue for the respect and honor that they deeply deserve for their perseverance through thousands of years of subjugation on this planet. An outstanding source of consciously evolved nurturing, and accredited training, is the ongoing work of Jacquelyn Small and Eupsychia Institute, out of Austin, TX. [Blessings and thank you, dear Sister]

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Playing small doesn’t serve the world. There’s nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We were born to manifest the glory of God within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.
—Marianne Williamson

On Behalf of Women

I will not burden you with my (lengthy) pontifications on the patience and perseverance that women have demonstrated for thousands of years. Men and women have rather distinct areas of expertise and responsibility, as well as well-deserved rewards. Those details are not the focus of this Web site. That women have done a commendable job on their share of our evolution—in spite of the fact that there have been very few men on the planet to sufficiently implement the male half of the work—is testimony to women’s devotion to life.

That patience and that devotion to life, demonstrated by women for thousands of years, makes asking them for just a little more patience almost disrespectful, but please dear Sisters, just a little longer—we’re getting there just as fast as we can. I lovingly and respectfully encourage you to do your homework so that your work can be made “lighter” (by raising your focus to the plane of the mind) and we will all get there even faster still. I ask you to clearly articulate what you want and deserve: we need you to speak your Truths, now more than ever before. Before any males attempt rebuttals against our Sisters, the fact remains that for thousands of years women have done their share of our work; males have not.

In concluding this very brief honoring of our patiently suffering Sisters, may I suggest that we consider the possibility that the reason there are more females on the planet than males, just might be God’s way of saying, “Can you take a hint?”

Do Your Homework

Use Your Mind
Know Thyself
Love Thine Enemy
Pay Attention


It is now time to review our homework assignments. These instructions are not just errant doodles that were scribbled down while waiting for the school bell to ring; they’re not just random bits of graffiti on subway walls. These instructions have been offered to us by our Teachers since we first walked on this planet, thousands of thousands of years ago, and the lessons offered by a few of our most recent Teachers can be summarized in just a few very short, very simple words:

“Use your mind.” Offered to us by the Buddha, 2,500 years ago;
“Know Thyself” Chiseled into the entablatures of the ancient Greek temples; and
“Love thine enemy.” As taught to us by the Christ, 2,000 years ago.

Should you chose to do your homework, and then make the necessary effort, you will graduate. You are under no external obligation—as Zonker Harris (that erudite Sage, via Gary Trudeau in “Doonesbury”) once shared:
“Sophomore year was the best three years of my life!”

Doing your homework is not an “after things have settled down a bit” option. Doing your homework is a significant catalyst that must be invoked for the “Spring cleaning” that you are encouraged to consider to become possible. Imagine that you have done all the work necessary to start a garden. Still, nothing will grow until you plant the seeds. Doing your homework is that sowing. You may be quite surprised, perhaps even astounded, by what blossoms from the work you will finally have fulfilled. The work is very simple; it is also very difficult: it requires letting go of thousands of years of unconscious conditioning and manipulation. You will have to do it sooner or later, in this lifetime or another. As Joy Starr advised on her (delightful) business cards, “Transmute now. Avoid the rush!”

To my Brothers: We are responsible for endless destruction—on all levels—on this planet and thus it is our obligation to heal those many wounds. To do so, however, we must first be willing to address those wounds that exist within each and every one of us and to accept full responsibility for the creation of those wounds, the festering of those wounds, and the necessary cleansing and subsequent healing of those wounds. Do this homework, my Brothers. Do this homework. Let us let go of any delusions of “Glamour, Glory, and Grandiosity,” and let that work of healing begin now. It is time for the males on this planet to withdraw, to go into deep reflection, and to finally grow into men—as did our Brothers, Lord Gautama and Jesus, when as children they consciously and deliberately did the work necessary to become men.

Should we choose to do the homework that we have been assigned for thousands of years, the first action that needs to be taken is to fully understand, to accept full responsibility for, and finally to gain full control over, our emotions—something few have achieved on this planet. The next step then becomes possible: to accept full and complete responsibility for, and then control over, all of our thoughts, words, and actions. If you feel, however, that you have not suffered enough and prefer to remain a pawn of those who are using you (and your loved ones) for their own personal gain (many of whom are entertained by your suffering) then you are doing just fine. If the eons of pain and suffering are starting to lose their attraction, then I encourage you to do your homework.

“Time is of the essence.”

John Bradshaw’s “Healing the Shame that Binds You” and Alice Miller’s “For Your Own Good” are two very powerful books that address the healing that is both possible and necessary, especially at this time. These books can be very painful to read, but it has always been true, and continues to be true, that you cannot heal that which you refuse to accept.

Our ancient, pervasive sense of separation is the primary hurdle: not just the belief that you are separate from your Brothers and Sisters, but also the belief that you are separate from your Creator, Who, in Reality, is not detached from you and ignoring you out of disinterest but is fully present all around you and through you. Out of unconditional love you are offered complete freedom of will—allowing you to choose, when you consciously choose to do so, either the path of “Service to Others” or the path of “Selfishness, Separation, and Stuff.” The choice is entirely up to you and you may try and take as long as you’d like. Graduation Day is fast approaching, however, and you would be wise to consider all of your options.

This opportunity (of which you may well not even be aware) is a very “limited time offer” that has only become available due, in part, to the evolutionary shift of a significant and sufficient percentage of the human race from the plane of the emotions to the plane of the mind and is only one of several changes that are taking place in this solar system—global warming on this planet being only one of the more blatant (i.e. what we call “physical”) examples.

Let us now briefly review our homework.

Use Your Mind

The significant problems we face today cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.
—Albert Einstein

To develop a conscious awareness of divine will, you must first become centered in the heart, the portal (in human form) for divine love. To become centered in the heart you must first be fully focused in the mind, the portal for divine active intelligence. And to be fully grounded in the mind, you must let go of your obsession with your emotions, rooted in the solar plexus. (Long ago, the human race as a group moved beyond the instinctual, survival consciousness, rooted in the base of the spine. This survival conditioning, however, is “re-awakened” when someone suffers from PTSD.)

Our current lesson (for the past thousands of years) is about consciously and deliberately shifting our focus from being centered in the emotions (and thus being vulnerable to emotional manipulation) to being centered in the mind, via the brain. Do not confuse the brain and the mind; they are not the same. The brain is a calculator and an antennae; it processes information. It is also instrumental in perpetuating the dramas and miasmas of the emotional plane. The mind is used to access both information and wisdom and filters them through the brain. Knowledge and wisdom are very different forms of energy.

One of the inevitable hurdles, one of the challenges of learning this re-directed focus, is that someone who is rooted in their emotions will sincerely want to believe, and will often declare (sometimes hysterically or with gritted teeth), that they are functioning on the plane of the mind. There is nothing that can be done under such circumstances other than offering that person love and, if necessary, removing oneself from their range of violent outbursts. However, if that person is in emotional or physical pain, is requesting comforting and consolation, and is not expressing violent tendencies, then by all means be as nurturing, as supportive, and as loving to that person as you are able—such support is profoundly needed at this time. Be gentle with them, my Brothers and Sisters, this is a path that eventually we all must walk and remember: kindness and gentleness are not signs of weakness.

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.
—Albert Einstein
   (Our Brother Albert was not just very intelligent; he was also very wise.)

You cannot go straight from the plane of the emotions to the plane of the heart. You have to use the “bridge” between them: the plane of the mind. It is a very important bridge and must be traversed, but it is only a bridge. The plane of the mind is the first rung on the Ladder of Conscious Evolution. There are countless rungs above it, but it is a very important, essential first step. If you try to take any “shortcuts,” it’s pretty “wet-wheeling” (for those of you who recognize the esoteric humor). You are all loved very dearly; please don’t put yourselves through that. For your encouragement, once you get to the plane of the mind there is a “lightening up,” an “easing of the climb,” that results in a most pleasant and surprising condition: a relaxed sense of humor. [This is why two of my “Bibles” are “Lighten Up” by Joe Sumrall and “ET101” by Zoev Jho and Mission Control. Blessings!]

Interacting with others from the plane of the mind requires that you master your emotions—not suppress them or deny them, but master them. It involves being aware, at all times, of where one’s focus lies and requires determined, concentrated effort. Then, if you are compelled to say, “This concerns me!,” you are welcome to speak up, you are encouraged to, you are asked to do so. Express and honor your emotions, but do so from the plane of the mind. Let your emotions serve your mind and you will be serving yourself as well as others. [Thank you, Daniel Giamario!]

Know Thyself

The People of the U.S. are very intelligent with a significant amount of technological prowess, but we are not yet very wise. Wisdom is gained by the application of knowledge in subordination to emotional maturity. We are currently in the process of gaining that wisdom—there is no stopping evolution. All we can do is to choose, consciously or not, how we experience that growth. If you do not have a clue as to the Truth of who you are, how can you have any true awareness of your Brothers and Sisters?

How many of us have really learned to love ourselves, to take care of ourselves? If you or someone you love is not feeling well, how would you care for them, or for yourself? Care that way for yourself all the time; until you do, you will not fully be able to treat others with that same care. If this is your second time on this planet [Thank you, Michael Dynice!], you know that there are lessons to be learned here. Be gentle with yourself. Nurture yourself. Only then will you be able to truly care for others. It has been said, “to know someone is to love them” but it is equally true that “to love someone is to know them.”

What we call “reality” is only the wrapping paper around a present from the Gang Upstairs (or depending on your vantage point: All That Is, Allah, the Creator, God, or Bicycle Repair Man). People are desperately trying to comprehend the present (in all its forms and meanings) by relentlessly studying the wrapping paper. If you can see it with your physical eyes, it’s only the wrapping paper. (There are those whose sight has expanded to include levels of etheric substance, but it is not for them that these words are offered—they already know this.) The true nature of Reality will only begin to become revealed to us when we do our homework and allow evolution to proceed with our loving care.

We have experienced an enormous amount of growth. The World War (1914-1945) was our Master’s thesis, but if we turn in our final papers without signing our names to them—taking credit for thousands of years of homework—we will not graduate. If you do believe that we are worthy of graduating, then claim that credit; assert our worth and deservability and claim your degree through conscious, equal partnership with all of your Brothers and Sisters.

It is the events of our lives, deliberately and systematically created for us by our Souls, that ultimately result in our “doing our homework.” Consciously choosing to do that homework, and then taking the necessary actions, rapidly accelerates our evolution.

In the quarry of the personal life are the stones prepared for the great Temple.
—D. K.

Love Thine Enemy

The primary challenge for this transition is that we have to remember how to live in a state of trust and not one of fear. We must do the healing work—on ourselves—that will allow us to trust our Brothers and Sisters. After this transition is complete, we will no longer be battling with our enemies, we will be aiding and supporting our Brothers and Sisters. When you know, not ponder or speculate, but when you truly know that everyone in human form is either your Brother or your Sister, to a degree that you probably cannot yet imagine, then you will have fulfilled your desire for “Heaven on Earth.”

Goodwill is contagious.
—D. K.

This species has been given the same simple homework for thousands of years, but like many adolescents, we have been far too busy obsessing with the actions of others and neglecting to do our work on ourselves. The therapeutic word for this behavior is “projection.” Instead of accepting full responsibility for our own thoughts, our own emotions, our own words, and our own actions, we’ve been looking for someone else who may (or may not) be doing similar actions and then we start a[nother] fight. After the fight is over, and children are running home crying, we wonder why the pattern continues. This PTSD-fueled “but Johnny hit me first!” rationalization will have to end sooner or later. It might as well be now. Do your homework. Girls have been saying for eons, “Boys are the worst!” On a planet exclusively dominated, subjugated, and manipulated by naughty boys, perhaps that pattern is overdue for an upgrade.

The best political, social, and spiritual work we can do is to withdraw the projection of our shadow onto others.
—Carl Jung

The emotional battles taking place within so many people on the planet at this time are actually the result of the very positive shift out of the plane of the emotions onto the plane of the mind—the clearing of thousands of years of accumulated pain. It is not pleasant work, and is now being done on a global, not just individual, scale. We do not change the world by criticizing or attacking others; we change the world by changing ourselves. This is not an “either/or” world, this is a “both/and” world. The enemy that you fear the most lives within yourself.

Pay Attention

Expand your vision—in all of its forms. The unrest around you exists for a reason.